Advertising at

The rolling display of business cards provides links to advertiser´s contact and identity pages.

The issue of provenance is addressed by offering to explain the "connection" that exists with each of our advertisers, this is of particular importance when introducing "new" business identities to our target audience.

There are also directory entries by name, by product offered and categorised by services.

The site is run as a not-for profit, community web site to promote local business and services. Modest charges based on a unit cost per annum, are payable to PA Communications Ltd, who have agreed to maintain the site and help all advertisers generate pages and content.
Basic advertisement for a start-up would be £10 for adding a link plus £10 for the "connection" page, renewal after 12 months. Significant changes during the 12 month period would also incur a further £10 charge. All invoices are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.