Ethical, Sustainable
Both PA Communications Ltd. and PAComms operate ethically,
deploying PA’s Sustainable Electronics Program [SEP] which relies on
best use of resource, developing dialogue with partner organisations,
the sharing of appropriate intelligence concerning best practice,
strategies and planning for the future.
We can offer you a Telecommunications Equipment Design and Build Service.
Printed Circuit Board Design. We have a modular range of hardware and software solutions.
PALs GALs EPROMs programmed.
Your  "Legacy Equipment"  Rebuilt with modern components.
"Knowledge and Understanding" (K&U) Information sites for Technical Support
Starting off with a systems Repair and Maintenance background, in Broadcast, Stage and Musical Instruments.
Electronics Design at PA was included into our portfolio back in 1983.
Experienced in both Analogue and Digital designs, in Telecommunications, process control of Mailing machines, Transport Public Address Announcers - using Embedded Microcontrollers, Firmware and Software.